The World Is changing. Our Business and Business environment are changing incredibly fast. We are Changing.

In this New world economy of permanent challenges, speeding growths and sudden falls, you will appreciate any great idea, accumulated knowledge, strategical vision… This is why our company LeadOn Consult sLtd. has been founded.

LeadON Consult is heir of couple of Consultancy Companies with a strong positions in area related with the Business Processes management, Human Capital Management andĀ  middle managementĀ  development and up-skill. The unifying company LeadOn Consult is represented and is acting on 3 continents, as for the moment is covering the geographical regions of Europe, Middle East and Africa. The main areas of expertise and experience in where LeadOn Consult is operating are Transition Management, Project Management, IT Management, Business Consultancy and Programs for motivational and soft skills development for all management levels.

Our Vision

An Undisputed Leader with Every Team in all that Matter!


Our Mission

Inspire and Lead, make things happen and than go even further – reach beyond imagination and bring value, reward and recognition to all our partners in growth.

Our Values – a dozen of them & foundation of capabilities

We and all our teammates are fully Committed to Achieve, Precise and Knowledgeable, but Creative. Authentic, full with Humor and Optimism. We Learn, always Perform as One and building Trust. We never forget to Enjoy, feel Love and act with Empathy.

Our teams have a wide foundation of capabilities. Developed and used every second in what we do.

Transition Management – strategic, financial, organizational, technological and operational aspects, Strategical Development and analyses, Building Organizational Capabilities, Process and efficiency design and implementation, Strategic Change Management, People Management and Capabilities Development, Industrial Operative Management, Project Management, Consultancy and Training, Scientific approach.

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