LeadON Consult Ltd. is widely spread in a huge geographic area. Our teams, consultants and analysts are equally based in many different cities and countries within the Area of EMEA and some in the rest of the World. The wining power and strong team spirit is coming as a result of a very modern placement of our resources within a very integrated 3D Organizational Structure, working in countries all around the world, smart technology-business integration and fundament of values, driving all team in completion of the LeadON Consult Mission:

Inspire and Lead, make things happen and than go even further – reach beyond imagination and bring value, reward and recognition to all our partners in growth.

The Inspiration is growing trough, and is always led by our leaders – in full access with always open doors and in great comradeship.



Петро Григоров

Strategic Investment Director/ Senior consultant

Димитър Граматиков


Inspirational Leader.

Professional Manager with expertise in all aspects of the business execution on a Director level. Main flow of experience realized trough FMCG, IT and HR profiled companies and roles.

Publications and books in the Startegic Management and People Management fields. Post-university qualifications in IMD - Business School in Switzerland and International Institute of Conflictology - UNITAR .

Doctor in Economics and Management


  • Transition Management,
  • Executive Management,
  • Strategic foundation and Business development consultancy
  • Process and efficiency design and implementation,
  • People Management and Capabilities Development,
  • Building Organizational Capabilities,
  • Change Management,
  • Project Management,
  • IT Management,
  • Coaching.

Speaks Spanish, Russian, English, Italian, Serb-Croatian, Macedonian, German and Yoruba.

Петро Григоров

Strategic Investment Director/ Senior consultant


Professional corporate trainer and program developer with long time of experience providing outstanding programs for hundreds of managers.

Petro delivers a wide variety of management and professional development workshops in the strategic planning, negotiations, social media marketing and problem solving fields.


  • Strategic planning
  • Social media marketing
  • Negotiation specialist
  • Problem-solving trainer
  • Team Building