List of established trainings :

 Master presentation skills – High impact presentations

Giving a speech is a powerful and efficient method of addressing a group of people, for conveying a point, and for winning sales deals. Given all businesses use presentations in various forms, high-quality presentation skills can help everyone develop, including managers and leadership. If you have only time for one skill outside daily work, then the effective business presentations skill is  the one to choose.

The key objective of this program is to give participants the confidence to prepare and execute a professional presentation in a business environment.

The key take away is the ability to stand up in front of a group of people, to command their attention, to keep it interesting, to invite interaction, to look good, to present your ideas logically, concisely and with clearly defined goals.

Development objectives:

  • Personal impact
  • Audience interacion
  • Audience focus
  • Logical structure
  • Producing visuals
  • Media handling
  • Persuasion

Duration 2 days, training type classroom.


 Foundation of management 1st level

In the first course of Foundation of management you will explore management fundamentals, including topics such as recruiting, training and develop the staff, creating a team, leading by example, prioritizing and delegating tasks, quality control, taking decisions. All these skills will ensure that you will achieve your objectives and improve your competitive position. After the course you will develop more effective, efficient, productive and motivated workforce.

Duration 2 days, training type classroom.


 Foundation of management 2nd

The  second course of Foundation of management is intensive development experience specially designed to accelerate your understanding of business proceses. This course contains Finance for non Financial, inventory control, operaions management, break even point analises, targeting, operation planing.

Duration 2 days, training type classroom.


 Enabling  fast change

Managing change effectively requires moving the organization from its current state to a future desired state at minimal cost to the organizatio. We will help you to implement the change in an orderly manner. This involves managing the transition effectively by activating the change, preparing the enviroment for the change, activating the benefits from the change, creating a strategy framework.

Duration 1 day, training type classroom.


 Project management

This training covers all the fundamentals of contemporary Project Management. The purpose of this training is to help participants use Project Management style in a variety of modern organizations and international business context. It comprises processes, techniques and tools integrated with team dynamics, leadership role and customer focus dimensions. Trade-offs between the triple constraints (scope, time, cost). Indentifying and managing risks frequent changes and negotiating complex issues are, constantly, the challenges of today’s competitive project management environment.

The program is concluded on the core of MPI and Prince2.

Customised program – duration 1 day.


 Possitive power

Positive power is the world-renowned influence skill development program that gives people the skill and confidence to achieve their objectives irrespective of their position in the organization. The participants in this training learn to have greater impact and control over situations and events, whilst also maintaining and strengthening relationships.

Duration 1 day, training type classroom.


 Emotional intelligence

This experientially based training focuses on emotions automatic reactions, and parts that compose your personality, as well as the effect these have on others. The aim of this training is to be able to guide yourselves trough challenging situations, to positively impact others by deeper insight into human nature, and to elicit presence.

Duration 1 day, training type classroom.


 Influence skills

Most people’s job require them to influence at work at most of the time. The best influencers required good interpersonal and communication skills and an ability to get other people to want to give their support. The best negotiators are subtle, fair and know what to give away, when to make demands and how to compensate when there are difficulties. Our Influence training gives the participants an understanding of the dynamics of influencing people, expanding their sphere of influence and negotiating and the opportunity to practice a variety of tools and techniques. Our training is tailored specifically to each group and is designed to help delegates acquire the skills to become excellent influencers and negotiators. Influencing is one of the key areas of skills development that everyone must improve.

Duration 1 day, training type classroom.


 Conflict resolution and negotiations

Negotiation is a give and take bargaining process that when conducted well, leaves all parties feeling good about the result and committed to achieving it. In this course participants cover both the hard and soft skills of negotiation and conflict management and learn to distinguish between position and interest in the negotiation process. This highly interactive course explores a range of strategies, techniques and steps involved in the process of successful conflict management and negotiation.

Duration 1 day, training type classroom.


 How to make meetings work 

We are a meeting society – our world is made of small groups that come together to share information, plan, solve problems, criticize or prize, make new decisions or find out why the old one doesn’t work.

Meetings consume large percentage of an employee’s workday.

Meetings can generate hidden costs when are unsuccessful

Unsuccessful meetings can demoralize employees


Good meeting skills are essential for any collaborative effort. They enable employees to make decisions efficiently and respond more quickly to fast-changing demands.

Every organization can benefit from using the effective meeting method to generate faster decisions, increase creativity, and shorten cycle time.

  • The Program will cover specific issues related to meetingd facilitation that directly affect team productivity, time management, and team motivatin
  • Program training will be delivered through group workshop
  • The follow through Program will be based on conference calls and coaching through telephone and/or email


Program goal:


  • Keep meetings focused and on track
  • Encourage everyone to participate
  • Create effective action plan
  • Leverage the time and energy of people in the room


Duration 1 day, training type classroom.


 Successful  customer  care

With the rise of social media, online reviews and location-based consumer marketing, customer service is more important than ever. No matter the type of business you run, user experience can make or break your brand. In business, everyone should have a basic understanding of customer service and what it entails. Everyone from the CEO to the guy who opens the door should know how to interact with customers.

Customers service is everyone’s job!

Duration 1 day, training type classroom.